Amazon Product Sourcing

Point of Diminishing Returns

We find out a point of saturation where your unit of product sale increases with your net profit. We have advanced software which is economically sound and provide the saturated price of the product. On that price, your product sale will increase with your net profit.

How We Work For You

If you increase the price then your profit will maximize but the number of product sale can decrease and if you decrease the price number of product sale increase but profit will decrease. We find out a point between this on which not only your profit increase but also your product sale increases.

  • Track The Price of Similar Product: We track the price of a similar product and compare with your product and try to put your price in the competitive position.
  • Economic Analysis of Price: We do the economic analysis of the product price through tracking the sale of your product and profit. We check the rhythm and trend of your profit and sale and suggest a competitive price on which your profit and number of the product sale maximize.