Amazon Product Sourcing

Listing Optimization

A product features explanation using keywords is the first and important step for winning the Amazon market. Our skilled and specialised team in product listing work is helping you to present the product in a way so product appears on the top of the search and customer attract towards it easily.

How We Work For You

For your product listing, we start our work when a buyer is come on the Amazon or e-commerce website and search for the product. Our experts start reading his behaviour towards the product and our advance software starts reading keywords he is using for searching the product. Finally, we setup a calculated picture to understand what a buyer actually require and how to put your product in their search list on top and sell them.

Steps We Follow in Product listing

  • Understanding Buyer Behaviour: We read the buyer activity on Amazon or e-commerce website and calculate what they actually want and at which point they buy the product.
  • Reading of Keywords: Our specialised and advance software read the keywords used by buyers frequently.
  • Titles Selection: Title of the product contains the most relevant and used keywords used by most of the buyers. It also shows the characteristic of the product in one line.
  • Feature of the Product: Feature must be full of explanation with the benefits of the product. Starting features must be unique and end features must cover all the similar product features.
  • Description: Description should be grammatically correct, not overboard, specifies about product use and characteristics. This part must include keywords used by buyer during the search of the product.
  • Use New Keywords: Use of some new keywords which are not used anywhere also helpful in the product listing. It attracts those buyer minds that came occasionally on the Amazon or e-commerce website.