Amazon Product Sourcing

Paid/Sponsored Advertising & AMS

Advertising of your product is the next key to increasing sale but advertising in the wrong way can increase the cost of the product and can be the reason for the loss. Our experienced and skilled employee’s know how to represent your product in front of the buyer and where to represent so the number of hits on your product increased and convert into the sale.

How We Work For You

Our expert team find the market of buyers and represent your product advertisement there. Once any buyer clicks on the advertisement he moves towards the product.

Steps We Follow in Product Advertisement:

  • Create optimize listing of the keywords.
  • Set bids to increase the impression.
  • Read the keywords of buyer search.
  • Ads appear according to the keywords search by the buyer.
  • Track the search and impression made by the buyer through advertisement.
  • Track the impression of sale through advertisement.